Up until now there has been no answer for when a fire sprinkler head is accidently broken.

The Sprinklersafe is a universal small simple hand held tool that will stop the flow of water from a broken fire sprinkler head in seconds saving you from disaster.

It is suitable for all 1/2 inch( 15mm) pendant style fire sprinkler heads.

The Sprinklersafe is the latest new tool for all:

Fire Sprinkler Installers
All Maintenance Men
All Tradesmen who Work in a Commercial Building with Live Sprinklers

The Sprinklersafe is easily carried in small tool boxes or will fit into your pocket. It can also be mounted next to first aid kits, or located in master fire switch panels. Itís also great to have in computer rooms as a safeguard.

The Sprinklersafe is fast being introduced into company safety policy across the world!

Sprinklersafe retails for: $39.95 plus shipping and handling world-wide.

International distributors and wholesale enquiries please contact Daniel Pendrey directly. Discounts available for bulk orders.

For more details, please feel free to contact us.

To order click here:

A sprinkler causing flooding and water damage to an office
Protect yourself from huge damage payouts due to water damage from a fire sprinkler with this handy little tool

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